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Take a detailed look at the internat architecture of the groundbreaking C# language with this architectural reference. It's fully updated with information about the Microsoft. NET platform and Microsoft Visual Studio(r). NET. It's packed with sample code and demo applications to show you exactly how to develop with C#. You'll explore this advanced language and its design parameters and construction to gain a complete understanding of how it works and why it works that way.

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INCLUDED ON CD-ROM: A searchable electronic version of the book; Sample code in C#; Contents. PART I LAYING THE GROUNDWORK ; 1 Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming; 2 Introducing Microsoft .NET; 3 Hello, C#; PART II C# CLASS FUNDAMENTALS; 4 The Type System; 5 Classes; 6 Methods; 7 Properties, Arrays, and Indexers; 8 Attributes; 9 Interfaces; PART III WRITING CODE; 10 Expressions and ...


AUTEUR: Andrew Whitechapel

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