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What you need to know: This book is for beginners who have no previous experience of, ASP, VB, XML, object-oriented programming, or the NET Framework. A little knowledge of HTML is useful, but by no means essential. All the concepts you need in order to create dynamic ASP.NET web sites are presented and explained in full. What you will learn from this book: This book will teach you how to build tailored ASP.NET web sites from the ground up. It covers the following broad topics (see the book's introduction for a more detailed explanation): The early part of the book is dedicated to familiarizing you with the anatomy and basic functionality of HTML, XML, ASP.NET, the NET Framework, and Visual Basic NET. It progresses to look at the way in which they can be used together to create flexible web sites. The second part of the book introduces the concept of object-oriented programming which is crucial to maximizing your returns from NET. Ideas are explained in detail with many programmatic examples and real-world analogies. Having laid the groundwork we then progress to discussing the technologies and techniques that ASP.NET can draw upon to increase its functionality. Including ADO.NET for data source access, Web Services for inter-website communication and Server Controls for facilitating code maintenance and reuse. The book concludes by considering the ways in which you can optimize your ASP.NET sites to increase their speed, security and robustness; as well as giving detailed advice on how to debug your code when things go wrong.

4. (ASP.NET Core 1.0 & MVC) Creating And Exploring A New ...

The introduction of ASP.NET 1.0 and the associated Visual Studio .NET gave developers the following benefits over classic ASP: A clean separation between presentation and code. With classic ASP, your programming logic was often scattered throughout the HTML of the page, making it hard to make changes to the page later.


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Hi guys, I have searched for the source code for this "Source Code for: Beginning ASP.NET E-Commerce with VB.NET and Visual Studio.NET by Cristian Darie and Karli Watson" book but cant seem to find it. Could any one please direct me to the proper link.