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Since its original appearance in 1977, Advanced Organic Chemistry has maintained its place as the premier textbook in the field, offering broad coverage of the structure, reactivity, and synthesis of organic compounds. As A the earlier editions, the text contains extensive references to both the primary and review literature and provides examples of data and reactions that illustrate and document the generalizations. While the text assumes completion of an introductory course in organic chemistry, it reviews the fundamental concepts for each topic that is discussed. Part B, Reactions and Synthesis, covers the major reactions used for carbon-carbon bond formation and functional group transformation and has been updated and revised to reflect new developments. Enlate alkylation and addition, nucleophilic substitution, electrophilic addition, organomerallic reactions, periryclic reactions, reactive intermediates, reduction, and oxidation are among the topics considered. The final chapter reviews the concepts of synthetic planning and illustrates specific examples of multistep syntheses. Among the changes : Increased emphasis on stereochemistry, particularly chiral auxiliaries and catalysts ; Coverage of protective groups has been moved to Chapter 3 to facilitate discussion of protective groups in other reactions ; Sections have been added or expanded on Julia olefination, hydroalumination, olefin metathesis, and carbonyl-ene reactions. The role of catalytic cycles in organometallic reactions has been emphasized ; Examples of application of computational studies to reaction mechanisms and stereoselectivity are included. A companion Web site provides digital models that students can view and manipulate ; Solutions to the chapter problems are provided to instructors online. Advanced Organic Chemistry, Part B, examines the major reactions that are applied in synthesis. It provides information on reagents, mechanism, and stereochemistry. The Schemes provide specific examples. Together with Part A, Structure and Mechanisms, the two volumes are intended to provide advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students in chemistry with a sufficient foundation to comprehend and use the research literature in organic chemistry.

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Advanced Organic Chemistry. Part B: Reactions and Synthesis. Fourth Edition. By Francis A. Carey (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA) and Richard J. Sundberg (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA).