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Designed for practicing physicians and residents. each POCKETRADIOLOGISTtitle in the series provides key information on the 100 most important diagnoses in a particular radiologic specialty. For every diagnosis, you'll find detailed images / illustrations - plus consistently formatted. This unique organization makes it remarkably easy to accurately and rapidly confirm or rule out a diagnosis! It's like having an expert consultant... right in your pocket! Names you know. Content you trust. With luminary lead authors such as Anne G Osborn MD, on brain imaging... H Ric Harnsberger MD, on head and reck imaging... and David W Stoller MD. on musculoskeletal imaging, you can trust POCKETRADIOLOGIST tites to help you interpret images with confidence!

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Table 2. Most Common Diagnoses Contents. Top 100 ranked diagnoses D1. Liveborn D2. Coronary atherosclerosis and other heart disease D3. Pneumonia (except that caused by tuberculosis or sexually transmitted disease) D4. Congestive heart failure, nonhypertensive D5. Acute myocardial infarction D6. Trauma to perineum and vulva D7. Acute cerebrovascular disease D8. Normal pregnancy and/or delivery ...


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Pocket Radiologist -Chest: Top 100 Diagnoses. 著者 : J.Gurney & H.T.Winer-Muram: 出版社: ELSEVIER: ISBN: 978--7216-9704-8: ページ数: 340pp.(200illus.) 出版年: 2003年: 在庫. 定価 10,351円 (本体9,410円 + 税) お気に入りに登録; Tweet; カテゴリ別から探す; 解剖・細胞・遺伝; 解剖; 組織・発生・生物・分子生物・細胞・膜・ フリー ...